Body Based Pedagogy (BBP)

In my work,  I create spacetime for somatic, embodied learning and the story each learner brings along. During my workshops, all participants have the opportunity to sync with our bodies, re-explore ways of knowing through movement, memories and stories; we connect these pieces creating personal thus meaningful encounters with art.

Body Based Pedagogy In the Galleries (BBPiG) is the pedagogical approach I choose for my workshops. By sharing our stories, experiences, and ideas, we collectively build new interpretational schemes.

Even though every project is customized and therefore unique, in these workshops we do improv, we tell stories and we use our bodies to respond to art and to the space around us.

independent tours
museum educators'
after school club for toddlers
London, Chicago, NYC
teachers' training
Art Institute Chicago
after school club
Public Schools
student teachers' training
University of Michigan
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