Body Based Pedagogy (BBP)

In my work,  I create and nurture a spacetime for somatic, embodied learning and the personal story each learner brings along.

In this way, encounters with art become gatherings, open invitations for exploration of the self as a body-mind-spirit entity.

At the same time, through embodied experiences with art, an awareness of the museum space and institutional status is cultivated, disrupting tacit hierarchies and Western ways of knowing that privilege the intellect and ignore the learning self.

Body Based Pedagogy In the Galleries (BBPiG) is the pedagogical approach I choose for my workshops, situated in the galleries of an Art Museum. By sharing our embodied stories and personal experiences we individually create opportunities for connection and we collectively build new interpretational schemes.

Every BBP project is customized, built on each group's needs and therefore unique. 

In these workshops we do improv, we move, we pause, we do drama, we tell stories. We use our bodies to receive, remember, respond and re-learn. 

We also run independent, interactive tours in awesome museums and exhibitions. These are for anyone who thinks art is boring and tours are so last year. Let's experience some art together!


In these workshops, docents and museum educators explore ways of learning through and with the body, within the galleries. In this way, they enrich the ways they engage their museum visitors.

museum educators'

During one-time workshops or through a series of workshops, toddlers play and learn with their bodies, by expanding the ways of learning.

after school club for toddlers
London, Chicago, NYC

What can teachers do with their students when visiting a museum gallery? Well, they can do storytelling through drama! In this workshop we share tips and all the steps to get there.

teachers' training
Art Institute Chicago

In these after School clubs students build a story with their own bodies. These workshops help students to understand their bodies and create new meanings within their own narrative.

after school club
Public Schools

How can teachers incorporate students' bodies in their every day practices? In these workshops we play with our bodies in order to amplify teachers' power as educators.

student teachers' training
University of Michigan