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I design with care and deep knowledge, responding to your institution's needs.

With about twenty years of experience in Education, in four different countries and in variety of settings, I can provide consultation and recreate corporate or institutional structures with the result to increase engagement and learning.

My services may include, but are not limited to: Consultation (Schools, Museums, Festivals, etc.) | Museum Visitors Engagement | Public Engagement | Educational Design | Curriculum Design


Museum Visitors Experience Design

Work cohesively across departments to improve visitors' engagement and nurture holistic experiences with art.

Museum Education Department Re-Configuration

Values, ethos, language are examined with the goal to reflect Museum's mission. Work on a granular and macroscopic level.

Guest Education Curator

Create educational content and engagement initiatives for pop-up shows, art-based experience and festivals.

Interdisciplinary design

Design content of different length, based on facilitators' training, learners' needs and equipment. Curriculum on

Art, Science, Math, Technology. A plethora of pedagogies may be included.

I am listening

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I am also eager to hear some feedback, creative ideas or just answer some questions -I love questions! 


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