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I am taking notes

Inspiration is everywhere, sometimes I think inspiration is a state of mind. It can be a book, a sculpture, a song on the radio, your memories, a smile, chocolate, homeostasis, a tree, the entire forest or just a leaf, a play, the sound of applause at the end of the play, a poem.

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This is a curated page of some not so random notes. Updates are a given so do come back.

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I think movement is liberating. I think that movement is good for you. The body is a reservoir of all sorts of tensions and dark forces. And it's also the potential source of amazing energy. This thing wants to live. It is a powerful engine-it connects it with the brain. A reservoir of images, dreams, fears, associations, language. And its potential we can't even begin to understand. Movement begins to negotiate the distance between the brain and the body and it can be surprising what we learn about each other.

B.T. Jones, Still/Here (film interview, 1996).


Projects / Collaborations

How can we even talk about learning and not adding our bodies to the equation? Our bodies are the way to experience the world since day one.



Every time we teach a child something we keep her from inventing herself.

Jean piaget


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