Hello human,

Welcome! I am Filippa, a museum educator and instructor, currently a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia NYC. Living and doing research in Manhattan was always a dream of mine -not always easy, yet always rewarding.

I am particularly interested in how you and I, learn within the galleries of an art museum. In fact, I am interested in embodied ways of knowing and how we learn through and with our bodies when encountering a work of art.

Even though I now identify myself as an art museum educator, I have a strong background in science, and science education. My studies and experience helped me navigate through the blurred boundaries of art and science, or sciart if you wish. Art and science are often considered two distinct terranes, especially in our educational system.

But what happens when we build bridges between them and re-imagine the sciart landscape?

In 2016, as a platform for an exploration of this sciart landscape, I founded The Drama Science Lab. My goal is to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together and further explore this idea of sciart as a new way of knowing while at the same time somatic learning (drama) becomes the core pedagogical approach.

Does any of this sound appeal to you? Contact me here -looking forward to sharing more with you and listen to *your* story.



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