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Art on the wall: Cathy Quintero

Young learner: Nefeli playing with textures and colors. Identifying materials similar to the ones on the wall

(workshop on sciart)

It's all about learning

I believe learning is a continuous process that encompasses qualities of activism.

Learning is the most important work of art you will ever encounter, and I urge you to sense and treat the learning process as such; with its endurance and beauty, its liveliness and fragility, its interwoven transcendence.

My story, my work: sciart and the body

People often get trapped in an "either-or" situation; either love science, or art, rarely both.  But since we are not one color or one flavor -we are a mosaic of choices, experiences and learning styles- how can we still talk about one-dimensional subjects and disciplines in school and beyond?

it is





Motion and movement are how our world functions. A static, motion-less state simply doesn't exist -the scale of perceiving just alters.

Our bodies move within the space, interacting with other bodies and objects, constantly making meaning.

Perception happens because of our bodies' movement. Our senses, follow. Our brains cooperate.



with & through



Storytelling through drama 

blends somatic embodied learning, drama, and movement while enhances and cultivates creative and critical thinking.

It looks like improv.

It looks like dancing. 

It is learning.

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